Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy
Organized by:
Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics (BITP, Ukraine),
co-chair Yuri Sinyukov
National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics (CNRS/IN2P3, France)*,
co-chair Barbara Erazmus

Joint Institute of Nuclear Research
(JINR, Russia)*,
co-chair Richard Lednicky

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*through the International Centre for Sustainable Development, New and Safe Technologies (EKOSTAR)
Conference place: Bogolyubov institute for theoretical physics
14-b, Metrolohichna str. Kiev, Ukraine

The Sixth Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy (WPCF2010) continues the tradition of bringing together experts in experimental and theoretical aspects of measuring source characteristics in high energy collisions through particle correlations, both short- and long-range, and fluctuations.

The workshop will cover the problems of the evolution of quark/hadronic matter formed in high energy collisions and of the methods to extract the information on this evolution by the analysis of the data on final state particles.

  • Expectations and first observations at the LHC: Theory & Experiment
    (conveners: Dariusz Miskowiec, Edward Sarkisyan-Grinbaum)
  • New results from SPS and RHIC
    (conveners: Mike Lisa, Dariusz Miskowiec)
  • Correlations from Small Sources: Theory & Experiment
    (convener: Edward Sarkisyan-Grinbaum)
  • Correlations in dynamic models of A+A and p+p collisons
    (conveners: Sergei Akkelin, Tetsufumi Hirano)
  • Beyond Gaussians: Extracting Detailed Size and Shape Information
    (convener: Tamas Csorgo)
  • Strong Interaction and Coulomb-induced Correlations
    (conveners Adam Kisiel, Jan Pluta)
  • Femtoscopy with penetrating probes
    (convener: Yuri Sinyukov)
  • Long-range correlations (cones, ridges, back-to-back correlations,...)
    (conveners: Yogiro Hama, Sergei Voloshin)

Nearby meeting: International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD-2010), 21-25 September 2010, in Antwerp, Belgium.

More information will be  available soon!
Previous WPCF meetings:
[WPCF2005, Kromeriz, Czech Republic, August 15-17, 2005] [WPCF2006, Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 9-11 2006]
[WPCF2007, Santa Rosa, California, USA; August 1-3, 2007] [WPCF2008, Cracow, Poland, September 10-14th, 2008]
[WPCF2009, CERN, Geneva, France/Switzerland, October 14-17, 2009]

Last update: Sept 6, 2010